Vehicles - FD Baringo County

Fire Engine 1

Baringo - Engine 1


The Fire Engine 1 is placed in the General Directorate in Kabarnet. Responsible is the vehicle for the whole district of Baringo County.

It's build up with a 1600l water tank and technical rescue equipment. 

The Baringo Engine 1 was on of the first Fire Engine’s in the District.

In charge of the vehicle are the volunteers from Kabarnet.





Fire Engine 2 

Baringo - Engine 2


Fire Engine 2 is a specialist for forest fire. 4000l water plus special equipment are available for the firefighter.

In charge of the vehicle are the professionals.

Due to the bigger incidents in the past is the Engine 2 placed in the City of Marigat. 







Fire Engine 3

Baringo - Engine 3


The Fire Engine 3 is the newest Truck for the FD Baringo County.

It is the first engine from the professionals for any incidents in the whole district.

Placed in Kabarnet, firefighters support in bigger incidents (F2 or T2) the team in Marigat.








Fire Engine 4

Baringo - Engine 4











Baringo - Ambulance


The Ambulances are places in the whole District. 

With the new Operation room, all 19 emergency vehicles will be conected and supported by the Fire Dept. Baringo County.