General Directorate

Fire Department Baringo County

Kabarnet - 28.09.2016


House fire


The Fire Department Baringo County was alarmed to a house fire in the city of Kabarnet.

Fire Engine 1, Fire Engine 3 and Ambulance 2 reached the incident scene in approx. five minutes.

After a short time, the fire was extinguished.

No further measures for the Fire Station Kabarnet.

Baringo County - 22.07.2016




From now on it is possible to get (only for donation) the official brand new Patch from the Fire Department Baringo County. If you are interested, send us an email at


The official patch of the Fire Dept. Baringo County is not available on the market!




Ab einer Spende von 6 Euro können Sie auf Wunsch gerne ein Ärmelabzeichen des Fire Department Baringo County unter anfordern (innerhalb Deutschlands).


Das offizielle Patch des Fire Dept. Baringo County ist im Handel nicht erhältlich!


Baringo County - 13.07.2016


Video of our Fire Department and the European Support Team

Germany - 05.07.2016


Donation via


There is a new, very simple way to support us financially. With the link below you will be redirected to Germany's biggest donation platform There you can donate an arbitrary amount to our project. It is possible to chose between the following four payment systems: direct debit, credit card, PayPal, and giropay

Thank you for your support!

Germany - 14.06.2016




A great support from the company Tesimax. The professional colleagues are equipped with new personal protection clothes.

Baringo - 24.05.2016


Short Report of our Team Member Lukas Rohmann


A short report of our team member Lukas Rohmann: (deutsche Version unten)


"After a week full of work, we have achieved a lot already. I got a wide overview about the situation in the medical emergency sector. Nothing the despite there is still a lot to do.

I met a lot of important people in health services, which promised there support to our project. Also I´ve met a community with the huge motivation to change and improve the working system in all ways. This will be my motivation to work hard to give them the best possible support from my side.

I have to say thank you for the motivation and support which I received from the community during my stay."


"Eine Intensive Arbeits- und Reisewoche in Baringo County liegt hinter mir. Ich habe zusammen mit meinen stetigen Begleitern viel  gesehen und erreicht und mir einen Überblick über die Situation im notfallmedizinischen Bereich verschafft. Nichts desto trotz gibt es noch viel zu tun.

Ich habe wichtige Personen getroffen die uns Ihre Hilfe für die Zukunft zugesichert haben und viele Menschen mit der großen Motivation in allen Bereichen des Emergency-systems viel zu erreichen.
Das gibt mir ebenfalls den Anlass weiter hoch motiviert an dem Projekt zu arbeiten.

Vielen Dank für eine tolle Zeit der ganzen Community die ich treffen durfte und für eure Zusammenarbeit."

Oderwitz - 29.04.2016


German Elementary School Teacher is going to Train Kenyan Firefighters


The German firefighter and elementary school teacher Fred Schulze is going to travel to Kabernet to train the local firefighters. 

More about his journey can be found here: (German only)

Oberoderwitz - 13.04.2016


German Firefighter trains his african compansions


In July, one firefighter from Oberoderwitz (Germany) will travel to Kabernet to train his fellows. He will teach them general tactics and the handling of the equipment.


For further information visit 

Kabarnet - 02.04.2016


School fire


The Fire Station Kabarnet was alarmed to a school fire in the county. More informations and pictures soon.

Kabarnet - 27.03.2016


German support 


We just want to say THANK YOU!


Thanks to the Fire Dept. Barnstorf, Burtenbach, Spitzkunnersdorf and Leezen from Germany. We got a lot of equipment and personal protection clothes. The donations will help our professional and volunteer teams.


In the future, we are able to support our neighbour Countys.


Further informations shortly.

Kabarnet - 12.03.2016




To support the professional and volunteer firefighters, in the coming months two trainers will visit colleagues locally. Due to the european support team of the Fire Dept. Baringo County, training plans are already created. Also in the Ambulance emergency services a new concept is developed and it will be soon established in the new control center.